Shinji Hibari
Name Shinji Hibari
Race Human
Age 16
Gender Male
Eyes Green
Hair Gray
Professional Status
Affiliation Silent Town Guild
Occupation Mage
Personal Status
Marital Status Single

Shinji Hibari is a Mage and member of Silent Town Guild .


Shinji is a tall young man with spiky gray hair and green eyes.He was a big X scar on his back,his left chest,Spirals on both his arms,a cut below his right eye and above his left eye .All of these were caused by his incident on the stairs or a fight.


Shinji has a carefree,warm and friendly personality and is rarely seen not smiling,a complete opposite to his best friend Ganta Nishizawa .Most members of Silent Town Guild look to him for advice and often tell him about their problems.He would often play around with his fellow young Mages in their free time.Shinji has loved cooking and running since he was a child and wishes to be the fastest.He loves to laugh and make jokes, and would try to lighten up tense situations with his sense of humor.

However, Shinji can become angry when his friends are hurt or injured.Since he was a child Shinji has a fear of stairs.This was because when he was young he fell from stairs and was held back in the hospital for days.



Magic and Abilities




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