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Skiel Lor is an S-Class Masquerade Mage. He is also the youngest S-Class member in the guild.



Skiel is a lean and muscular 16 year old boy. He has spiked white hair partially covering his face, tanned skin, and hazel eyes. He wears a brown martial arts uniform, trimmed white accompanied with crimson scarf that fades out at its ends into a fiery orange that covers his mouth. Over his clothes, Skiel wears white armored shoulder plates and a chest plate that does not completely cover his chest, yet comes across it like ribs. Skiel bears a pair of armored plates over his forearms and fists that extend into spikes above his knuckles. On his shins, he also has knee and amored plates, cut at the center, which come down over his brown shoes and up into a medium sized blade at the tip of his feet. Around his waiste he wears a black leather belth with a skull betl buckle and he wields one large, double-edged blade that has a horizontal handle at the lower end. On the back of his waiste he wears a cape-like accessory made from the same material as the scarf.



Destiny's Silk

Magic and Abilities

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