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Skin Magic is a caster magic utilized by the Guild Master of The Titan Nose Guild Rob. It allows him to change the properties of his skin like changing it into an element or camouflaging into the surrounding enviroment. Whatever material his skin turns into, he can utilize that respective magic. He can also change other people's skins into different materials but that takes up a lot of magical energy.


Rob's Spells

  • Iron Skin: His skin changes into silver metal which allows him to shatter large objects and create large metal spikes by punching the ground.
  • Light Skin: He changes the properties of his skin into light. He can also increate the brightness of the lightand use various light based spells.
  • Water Skin: He changes his skin into water and he can become intangible and attacks just go straight through his body. He can also sink into objects and use water based spells and he can extend his limbs.
  • Fire Skin: He changes his skin into fire and can control the temperatuure of his flames and he can also utilize fire based spells in battle . A downfall of this technique is wherever he walks he leaves scorch marks.
  • Colour Skin: He changes his skin colour to match his surroundings. While using this technique his eyes turn purple and gain six black rings on them.
  • Glass Skin: He changes his body into glass and reflect attacks except physical attacks. He can make many small glass blades and control them to hit his opponent. A downfall of this technique is that these glass blades can break easily but as Rob has no limit for the blades, he makes up for it by summoning more .

Shin's Spells

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