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Sora Haruka

Sora Haruka

Sora is a young mage who is a member of the Quatro Cerberus Guild.


She wears a white dress with blue markings on it, white shoes with golden straps and blue wristbands with golden stars on them. She has light brown hair with white ribbons in pigtails and blue eyes. She also carries around a magic staff.


She was born in a small town in magnolia where a dark guild was attacking and her mother gave her to a passing Goldmine who promised she would be taken care of and he taught her magic and she was taken into he Quatro Cerberus Guild at the age of twelve.

Magic and Abilities

Sora is a fairly powerful mage who commonly uses her magical staff in combat and she usually creates weapons from energy and also posses a unique form of eye magic


her magic revolves around the manipulation of energy from bullets to blasts


Annihilate: she creates a magic circle in front of her hand and four smalls beams of energy come from behind her and gather in the form of a small pink energy ball in front of the seal and she fires it as a concussive beam of pink energy (see picture)

Bullets: she creates a magic circle in front of her hand or staff and fires multiple pink energy bullets from it

Ropes: she creates a magic circle in front of her hand or staff and fires multiple pink energy ropes from it binding the foe

Other Abilities

Panels: she creates three magic circles in the form of a triangle with her as the centre and pink lines join them together and she is able to stand on it and ride into the air

Solid Eye Magic: she also posses an eye magic where she can use her eye to solidify any magical attack or any normal attack


  • Her appearance is based off of Nanoha Takamichi from magical girl nanoha
  • sora using her panel technique
  • Sora preparing to use her anihilate spell
  • Sora's solid eye magic

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