Sora Kodomo
Name Sora Kodomo
Kanji 空子供
Rōmaji Sora Kodomo
Race Human
Birthday November 12
Age 16
Gender Male
Eyes Azure
Hair Black
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Ark Lumen

Dragon Slayers

Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Partner Akane Tenjō
Base of Operations Anywhere
Personal Status
Relatives Stratos (Foster Father)

Sayo Kodomo (Foster Mother)

Marital Status Single
Magic Sky Dragon Slayer Magic
Image Gallery

Sora Kodomo is a Dragon Slayer and is a main protagonist of Souluser1's stories.


Sora possesses spiky black hair with a bluish tint, and azure colored eyes. His normal attire consists of a dark blue long-sleeved jacket worn over a white sleeveless undershirt, and black pants.


Sora is a very energetic and hyperactive person. He is always looking for adventure and likes to fight strong opponents. He holds friendship in high regard and is very loyal towards those he considers his friends, willing to risk his life for them without hesitation.

Magic and Abilities

Sky Dragon Slayer Magic: Sora is very skilled in his Dragon Slayer Magic. However, due to his rash nature he prefers using it offensively and isn't very skilled in using healing and support spells. Notably, whenever Sora gets distraught or enraged his magic gets more destructive and deadly.

  • Sky Dragon's Roar: A wind version of the Dragon's Roar attack. When using this attack the user exhales a powerful twister that is able blow most opponents away with ease.
  • Sky Dragon's Wing Attack: A spell where the user generates large rotating whirlwinds from their arms.
  • Sky Dragon's Claw: A spell where the user generates a power gust of wind from their feet.
  • Sky Dragon's Ascent: The user gains the ability of high speed flight. This spell can also be used in an offensive manor in which the user surrounds them self in a torrent of wind and rams their foe.
  • Sky Dragon's Scales: A spell where the user causes small undetectable vibrations in the air around their body that greatly increases the users defensive and offensive power.

Enhanced Senses: Sora is shown to have enhanced senses as he can track someone's scent like a dog, hear irregularities in someone's breathing from a few yards away, and spot small objects from a distance of several meters.

Enhanced Strength: Sora's is shown to have a large amount of physical strength, being able to shatter the ground with his fists.

Enhanced Endurance: Sora's most notable trait is his extreme amount of physical endurance. He has displayed the ability to keep fighting after taking several severe beatings and using a number of high level spells.

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: One of Sora's higher areas of expertise. He is capable of holding his own against multiple opponents and often combines his martial arts skill with his magic.


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