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  • let's talk about an industry that never learns from their mistakes

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  • weebs and westaboos unite to talk about their favourite mongolian shadowpuppets

    • 1 thread
    • 13 posts

    Last post by Dragonfire333 20:35, June 2, 2016

  • has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like

    • 6 threads
    • 138 posts

    Last post by Zetarion 00:58, February 3, 2017

  • This board will be dedicated to advice from admin, Ash9876, to the rest of the community that he believes will help improve the standard of writing on the community or help with simple execution of ideas. Pay attention, folks!

    • 5 threads
    • 30 posts

    Last post by Zetarion 01:51, April 6, 2017

  • All Featured Article posts will be submitted here from now on. Check monthly!

    • 0 threads
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    Last post by Zetarion 12:32, March 19, 2017

  • All announcements relating to the wiki will be found here. Check here regularly, please!

    • 20 threads
    • 627 posts

    Last post by Bluemage1992 08:09, April 18, 2017

  • This board is for general conversations about everyone's favourite anime and manga about wizards, Breaking Bad.

    • 4 threads
    • 27 posts

    Last post by Sakura0Xavier 10:30, April 4, 2017

  • This is where all wiki related discussions are sorted. Use this board for discussion of a new feature or for suggestions on how to improve the wiki!

    • 1 thread
    • 5 posts

    Last post by Zetarion 04:48, December 23, 2016

  • who would win, one million firedragonslayers vs the sun, all that jazz

    • 2 threads
    • 32 posts

    Last post by DamonDraco 01:02, April 8, 2017

  • Got biznasty beats, youtube, or whatever the heck else you wanna discuss with people? Post about it here!

    • 2 threads
    • 11 posts

    Last post by Davide Yamazaki 00:16, April 18, 2017

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