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Stone Eyes
Stone Eyes



Sutōn Aizu


Caster Magic
Eye Magic



Stone Eye (石化眼(ストーンアイズ) Sutōn Aizu): is a type of Caster and Eye Magic.


It is a unique variation of Eye Magic which allows the user to turn anyone who looks directly into their eyes into stone. Over time, those who have been turned to stone will apparently turn to dust. However, this Magic will not work to its full capacity if the victim has a prosthetic eye, such as Erza Scarlet, because the effect of the Magic is halved, allowing the target to break free from the stone after an hour and a half. The Magic also doesn't work on people who wear glasses. The Magic is unstable at times, so the caster has to wear glasses to stop the Magic from being used on the person the Spell was cast on. The only known way for the Spell to be reversed is for the Caster to be defeated, though it is implied that it may wear off after three hours as Erza was released from the spell after one and a half hours passed due to the effects on her being halved.

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