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Storms Purger Magic (嵐の追放者魔法 Arashi no Tsuihōsha Mahō) is a type of Caster Magic and Lost Magic. It is used by Raphael. It allows the user to utilize the elements of Wind and Lightning into their bodies.


Like other Purgers, Raphael is capable of becoming air and lightning, and is able to produce limitless quantities of each. In a similar vein to Slayer Magic, Raphael can consume Wind and Lightning to replenish his strength, though he cannot consume his own. Similar to the Sky Dragon Slayer, Raphael can also eat air, which heals him better or worse depending on how pure the air is. Due to being able to become lightning or air, connecting with Raphael is exceedingly difficult.


Storms Purger's Howl: Raphael's Breath Attack, he releases either a concentrated, destructive blast, capable of destroying everything in a wide area in front of him or a a powerful hurricane-like blast at the target. He can also combine both.

Storms Purger's Spiral: Concentrating the lightning into his palm, Raphael is able to create a large spiraling sphere of lightning energy which compresses into a tightly packed ball. When he throws it, it will explode spiraling out, taking out a large amount of collateral damage along with it's intended target.

Storms Purger's Lightning Spiral Orb: Enhancing it's power with his Storms Purger Magic, Raphael is capable of forming lightning which he compresses easily into a large ball surrounded by three smaller balls, in a similar manner to moons around a planet. When it comes into contact with an opponent, it expands, creating a large outward explosion that seems to have a cutting effect.

Storms Purger's Lightning Web: Using Lightning-Make to craft a powerful web, and Storms Purger Magic to increase it's durability, Raphael uses this as a delayed spell, summoning a magic seal, which releases the bindings. These are difficult to escape from.

Purger Force: Given the name by Raphael due to being a power-up similar to Dragon Force, he is capable of becoming completely one of his elements in human shape, in his case, he normally uses the Lightning Element.

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