Strelkiluk Armi
Strelkiluk Armi, commonly shortened to Strelki, is a member of the Nine who rule over the Heiwa. Strelki is in charge of internal affairs, and leads the stealth forces.


Strelki is a firm believer in following justice. He believes all criminals should be executed, as an example to others. This attitude sometimes puts him at odds with other members of the Nine. Despite his aggressive attitude towards criminals Strelki cares deeply for his people and subordinates and aggressive tendencies come from him wanting to protect his people.

Magic and Abilities

Divinity Master: As a member of the Nine Strelki is a master of Divinity, Strelki is also one of the few masters who are able to use both Caster and Body Types. Strelki's first form of Divinity is called Holy Eyes. It exponentially increases Strelki's eyesight allowing him to see several miles in front of him, see through any obstructions, and gives him a 360 degree range of sight. It also allows him to easily see through illusions, but also allows him to sense his opponent's emotions. Strelki's second Divinity is Materialization. Strelki is able to make anything he thnks of materialize. Strelki commonly uses it to create a gun and special bullets for that gun. As he usually carries a gun with him, this causes his opponents to believe he uses some kind Gun Magic and try to get the gun off him.

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