In the world of magic, Supreme Commander(最高司令官 Saikou Shireikan) is the highest rank in the Fiore Royal Military, and essentially is the high commander of the whole organization. It is just above Commander and below the King of Fiore. He does not answer to the Chairman of the Magic Council.

List of Supreme Commanders

Military Supreme Commanders
Garp 20 years ago Neyo
Raimo Vista
Neyo Vista


"No one is higher nor have more authority in the military than the Supreme Commander."
— Unknown

The Supreme Commander has the say so on all things concerning the military. The only person with power over his is the King of Fiore himself. He is the only one with the power to use Avenon, a weapon of incredible power from olden times. Also he is the one who appoints the commanders. The Supreme Commander holds power over every soldier, and all must comply with his orders. All those who have held this coveted rank are legendary mages.


  • "Avenon" is the Military's equivalent of Etherion.
  • For the last 150 years or so, all the supreme commanders have hailed from the House of Vista.