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Caster Magic


Mithra Ezerius

Susanoo (須佐能乎, Susanoo) is a Caster Magic acting as a counterpart to Amaterasu and can be used for a variety of purposes.


Susanoo, much like Amaterasu, is by all definitions a "language" one can superimpose onto their Magic, commanding it to perform various actions on behalf of the user. Through the use of various Mudra, one can bend the will of Magic by being written as a specific command that gravitates around them in specific geometrical shapes. Through the combination of written words and shapes, the Magic in question is vastly enhanced in power and given a conceivable direction for its existence to be formed. Unlike Amaterasu, which is a naturally destructive power, Susanoo acts as its polar opposite: it is a power of defense. While Susanoo, much like all other Divine Authority Magic Seal Arts, is an expression of one's Magic Seal, Susanoo itself actually guides one's Magic to perform such feats: the purpose of the Mudra in question. Overall, Susanoo is an extremely potent defensive Magic surpassing even the likes of the Maximum Defense Seal, primarily due to the differences in their nature.


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