Taiga X

DeathNote L by Akai 01
Name Taiga X
Kanji タイガX
Rōmaji タイガX
Race Human
Birthday March 31, X768
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Weight 150 lbs
Eyes black
Hair black
Professional Status
Affiliation Neptune Guild
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation

1. Master Thief at Shadow Cat Guild

2. Anti-Slayer assassin at Demon Tiger Guild

Personal Status
Status Alive
Marital Status Single

Ice Phoenix Slayer

Sword Magic

Ice make


2 Black Katanas with a single chain from

each hilt (the chains are not connected)

He usually wraps the chains around his

hands. He holds the ends of the chains to

increase the range of the katanas.

Taiga X is a mysterious boy whose origins are unknown. The only thing known about him is that he used to be in a Thief guild, he used to be in a mercenary guild and now he is a Neptune guild member.


Taiga is a tall, muscular young man with medium length black hair. He has Blizzardo's figure tattooed on his back. His attire normally incorporates black and white attires. Most times he wears nothing but a black pants. He likes to show off his tattoos. During misions he wear his battle gear, which consists of black pants and black coat. He also sports his two katanas on his back in the shape of an X while wearing battle gear.


Taiga is a arrogant, needy brat. Since he once already was an S-class thief and an S-class assassin, he thinks less of others around him. He also lilkes to brag about the fact that he is the ice Phoenix slayer.

Even though he is a brat, deep inside he's just a lonely teen. He has been lonely since Blizzardo (the Phoenix), his only guardian, went missing. The thought that he could maybe get reunited with Blizzardo if he could beat all the ice slayers and prove that Phoeinix Ice Slayer Magic is actually stronger than other Ice Slayer magic.


It’s a snowy mountain. There are ruins left by Deleyora. Everyone’s dead. But, underneath one of the dead women is a child and he is alive.
A gang of Vulcans went by there and saw the child. They deemed him too young and weak to take over so, they took him with them to their hide out and decided to eat him. A misterios dark mage clan living in the highest peak of the mountain saved the kid. The clan was called the X clan. They were a clan of dark mages who took weak mages in and made them strong by doing inhumane experiments on them. The poor kid didn't know his saviors would become his worst and most hated enemies in the future. The X clan gave the kid a name: Taiga X. They tattoed the back of the kid with the beast he was named after, a white tiger, at the age of three. They worked the kid to the bone up till the age of 5. At the age of 5, they taught the kid Slicer magic: A clan magic only known by the X clan. At the age of 8, the ice dragon slayer lacrima was forcefully inserted into Taiga's body. Taiga was taught how to control his new dragon slayer magic until he was 10. At the age of 10, Taiga got enough stregth to run away from the X clan with his life. While running away, Taiga met the gang of Vulcans who attacked him when he was little. The Vulcans attacked him and Taiga defeated them all and became the gang’s leader for a year. At the age of 11, Taiga joined the thief guild Shadow Tiger where he learned stealth and how to be secretive and how to steal. There, he picked up the bad habit of pick pocketing unconsciously. Later, at the age of 13, he went into an assassination guild and got his anti mage weapons and got martial arts training. At the age of 15, he joined Neptune Guild in order to better his magical power. All for the sake of defeating the X clan.


Magic and Abilities

Taiga joins Neptune Guild to improve his magical power.

Ice Make

Taiga mainly uses this magic to make extra weapons and to bind ice to his body.

Ice Make: Fists of Legend: Taiga forms indestructable ice on top of his fists to make bigger fists and to increase his punching powers.

Ice Make: The Hammer of Justice: Taiga makes a giant hammer, which he picks up and uses to fight.

Ice Make: Urumi: Taiga makes a large Urumi (south indian flexible sword) which he picks up and uses. This weapon confuses opponents with its complecated movements and catches them off guard.

Ice Make: Bullets: Taiga makes bullets out of ice and shoots them at enemies.

'Ice Make: 'Yumi: Taiga makes bows and arrows and uses it for long range.

Ice Phoenix Slayer Magic

The main source of power for Taiga. Taiga is the artificial ice dragon slayer.


Ice Phoenix's Shreak: A freezing roar so powerful that it freezes everything in its path and strikes fear in the heart of whoever hears the roar.

Ice Phoenix's Feathers: Shoots out feather-like ice spikes out of his hands. It even pierces through armour.

Ice Phoenix's Beak: Covers his fists with ice so that each fist takes the shape of a beak and it could be used like a brass knuckle or the teeth could be used to hook and slice flesh.

Ice Phoenix's Talons: Forms ice around his legs in the form of talons and it could rip a tree in half with one kick.

Ice Phoenix's Wings: Forms wings from his elbows for elbow attacks.

Ice Curtain: Allows Taiga to make snow fall so hard that it weakens the enemy's senses. This allows Taiga to assassinate the enemy without them knowing.

Snow Blizzard: Blows Ice at enemies so hard that it pushes them back.

Freeze cut: Makes his swords fire slashes of ice at his enemies.

Slide: Lets Taiga form ice on the ground and slide thogh it to increase his speed.

Sword Magic

Allows Taiga to slice through almost anything. Even magical barriers.


X cut: slashes his swords up or down at the same time in the form of an "x". Makes the slash fly at the enemies.

Anti-Slayer Weapon

The Demon & Tiger blades: Taiga got two black katanas from the Demon Tiger guild. The Demon & Tiger blades are two of the best blades made and have been kept as a Guild heirloom. It can cut things as small as a housefly, as strong as steel, and as big as a pilar in half. Combined with slicer magic, it can do atleast 20X better.


Master Swordsman: He got amazing skills with his katanas. He was trained in assassination using katanas in his assasination guild. He could merge his magic with his katanas to make his slashes fly, thanks to slicer magic.

Master Assassin: Skilled in assassination techniques of the Demon Tiger guild.

Enhanced Speed: Taiga is really fast. Since he grew up in the snowy mountains and grew up with bests, he has inhumane speed. He could run very fast even in snow cowered areas.

Enhanced Strength: Being raised by a dragon and by a group of vulcans gave Taiga inhumane strength. He uses this strength when he loses control over his mind and turns into his alter ego, X.

Great Durability: Taiga wont back away from a fight even if he gets knocked out. Infact, its when he gets knocked out that his real strength shows. His real Dragon Slayer magic and inhumane stregth and speed shines through his alter ego, X.

Instincts: Taiga has great animal instincts. This is because he was raised by the vulcans after Blizzardo went missing.


  • He is shy towards girls.
  • He doesn't like nice people.
  • He do not trust people because of his past.

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