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As the Initiation Fight between Michaela Mashira and newcomer to the Guild Megumi Kyonami goes on, It comes close to an end.

"Boomerang Scalpel!" Michaela screamed at the top of her voice as she threw a spinning scalpels at Megumi wich was effortlessly dodged but then it changed direction and hits Megumi from behind, it then flew back into Michaela's hand.

"Sparking Spike!" She yelled as she scraped two scalpels together firing three at Megumi which she managed to dodge, yet again which made Chan Selena's eyes widen "could it be, that this young girl possesses the magic ." Megumi then fired beads at her which then exploded, Michaela jumped to avoid the blast and fired several needles in rapid succession which Megumi repelled by lashing her beads at them.

Assault at Mt. Brooksie!

Chan Selena then jumped into the middle of the battle where Michaela pointed a scalpel at Megumi, who had beads inbetween her fingers, ready to launch at her. "I've seen enough, Welcome the newest member of the Lamia Scale Guild, Megumi Kyonami !"

Megumi and Michaela shook hands, then as Megumi walked through the beer hall as a young mage dressed like a party magician shouted "Popper Shoot!" as balloons and streamers were launched into the hall through a black and white cane.

Everyone was welcoming Megumi with open arms and as Megumi looked around and saw many colourful characters including a large chicken like mage, a floating fortune teller and even a flying cat, waving his paw. Megumi and Team Star then walked over to the job request board where she was told to pick any request she liked and she culd go and do it. She then selected one saying Disappearences at Mt. Brooksie! Reward Jaw sym75,000. Megumi's mouth watered at this reward and she said "uum can you please come with me guys?" "Of course we will" replied Bonney and all of the team nodded.

Will write more later!...

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