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Team Trilogia
Original Team | New Team
Original trimeres
Professional Status
Name Team Trilogia
Affiliation Phoenix fireheart rebirth symbol Phoenix Fireheart
Base of Operations Phoenix Fireheart Guild
Status Active
Leader Atrax Noctua
Former Members

Team Trilogia is the strongest team in the Phoenix Fireheart Guild. The team's starting members were Atrax, Masson, and Drakōn.

Creation of Team

The idea for the creation of Team Trilogia came from Masson. He had decided that he and Atrax form a team to take on missions instead of just fighting against each other around the guild. Atrax was reluctant considering, at the time, they were only 13, and guild rules stated that due to the dangers of Unorthodox Mages taking on missions, members must be 16 or older to accept. This was when Masson decided to try to bring Drakōn in as a member, considering he was older than them, 14 to be specific, and thus closer to the guild's prerequisites. Drakōn then came up with the team name, "Trilogia," saying that the three of them would be like a three-part story, each taking on their own part in representing the Unorthodox Mages, and thus together bringing out the full story of the Unorthodox. Masson then suggested that Drakōn be the leader, but he refused the offer, saying that Atrax should be leader, after having not made any contribution to the team's formation. While Atrax refused, Masson agreed with Drakōn and they used "majority rule" over Atrax.




  • Atrax: Leader of Team Trilogia. The Team's Master of the Sky, and representative of a "Gryphon."
  • Masson: The Member who proposed the idea of forming the team. The Team's Master of the Land and representative of a "Basilisk."
  • Nukumi: The newest Member. The Team's new Master of the Sea, and representative of an "Undine."
  • Drakōn: The Team's first Master of the Sea. Left team to join the Tripedal. Former representative of a "Wyvern."


Interception at Pollame

Though they were originally on standby while Team Minotaur battled the three members of the Tripedal, Promēthus, Nequitia, and Monitum, who were destroying cities in Fiore, Team Trilogia eventually appeared at Pollame to aid Team Minotaur and faught of the enemy. However, they escaped and the mission was considered a failure, despite Trilogia's overwhelming power over their opponents.


  • "Trilogia" is Greek for "Trilogy," a threefold story.

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