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"A world truly void of all light."
— Ankoku describing the spell




Parent Magic

Darkness Magic


Ankoku Joukei

Tenchikaimei (天地晦冥 Tenchikaimei, lit:All that is plunged into darkness) is a Darkness Magic spell utilised predominantly by Ankoku Joukei. It is also the parent spell to Dark Moment.


Tenchikaimei is said to be the embodiment of darkness, where the world truly is, for eternity or a moment, complete darkness and void of light. Done through a simple, yet hard-to-execute process which was simplified in the Dark Moment spell. Ankoku, instead of radiating his own magical energy into the air, forming darkness in the surrounding area, uses a drastically different process in order to achieve drastically enhanced effects. Ankoku essentially "robs" all the surrounding light through the usage of engulfing an enemy with his superior will, thus causing them to view the world being without light, and it essentially is without light for a single individual. Due to this, Ankoku gains an immense superiority in battle over them, as they are unable to see any light in the surrounding area, thus rendering them blind. Yet, the strain and concentration needed for this magic are immense, and if Ankoku loses concentration for even a moment, his will can be shrugged off and thus the effects of the magic, void. However, these effects can easily be transferred to a multitude of individuals. This is done by reducing the amount of will placed on each individual, (making sure they are significantly weaker than Ankoku himself) and thus, spreading it out in a wider range. However, in large-scale battles, Ankoku prefers to utilise Dark Moment for easy application.