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"Believe me, Doranbolt. I am far more sympathetic to your cause than I was to the old man. So, I shall return once again. I look to a bright future in the council, young man."
— Tenzo returning to the Magic Council upon Doranbolt's insistence.

Tenzo Renge
Name Tenzo Renge
Kanji 蓮華天沿
Romanji Renge Tenzo
Race Human
Age 123
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Magic Council SymbolMagic Council
Personal Status
Status Active
Magic Crystallization Magic
Lightning Magic
Weapons Hagebachi

Tenzo Renge (蓮華天沿 Renge Tenzo; Lit. "'Parallel to Heaven, Lotus Flower) is the current 4th Seat of the Magic Council's main membership, having succeeded his position from an unnamed individual. At one point in time, he was acquainted with Gran Doma on negative terms, and thus avoided Fiore at all costs. After being recruited by Doranbolt, Tenzo has taken up the mantle of the governing body of magic.

Prior to this, he was the individual who taught the Aria siblings Richard Aria, Lauren Aria and Mark Aria their respective facets of Magic, and was a legendary figure in the civil wars that plagued the Pergrande Kingdom in those times.

Character Outline


Tenzo's General Appearance.



Main article: Fairy Tail: Flocking Home



Tenzo wielding Hageya.

Hageya (激八 Violent Eight)

Magic and Abilities

Crystallization Magic (晶化の魔法, Shōka no Mahō):


Tenzo's use of Lightning Magic.

Lightning Magic (雷系各種魔法 Kaminari Kei Kakushu Mahō):


Tenzo's Magical Aura beginning to manifest.

Great Levels of Magical Power:


Tenzo's skills.

Master Spearmanship Specialist:

Keen Intellect:


Behind the Scenes

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