Church of Darkness






The Church of Darkness is a mysteriouas organization led by Arkaeus and his Seven Black Saints. In addition to their incredbile power, The Church has begun to make alliance with the heads of several powerful criminal bosses and they are also worshipped by a large number of people who believe that the world is coming to an end soon.


The Church of Darkness boasts considerable military strength. Each of the Black Saints is easily more powerful than an ordinary S-Class mage. They also have a large army of dark mages under their control giving them enough numbers to overpower most guilds. Arkaeus, as the host of the living magic known as Fantasma, also gives the Black Saints, who serve as the Church's commanders, a small amount of Fantasma's power increasing their own fighting abilities


The Church of Darkness seeks to first gain control of Fiore, and then eventually the entire world. To accomplish this they have been discreetly gathering followers for several years. Also, Fantasma is incomplete, because of the Anemyl sealing pieces of it in different locations. As such Arkaeus' elite, The Seven Black Saints, have also captured several pieces to better strengthen Arkaeus and hasten Fantasma awakening.

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