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The Dragons





Shiro Nightblade

S-Class Mages

Mugetsu, Feiz Maria





"We are the Dragons! We hold this name, for the strength we hold when united is that of a Dragon! Never forget this, for as long as you live."
— Shiro, in a usual speech, to the Guild


The Dragons is a smaller Guild, but still known, and respected. They are currently led by Shiro Nightblade. The Guilds name came from Saya Komuro, though. Currently, they are in the secret alliance, Malleus Maleficarum. Shiro has stated he would like to be kept a secret, and relays movements of the Guilds, and the Council.


The Dragon's Stronghold is located near the bottom of Fiore, near the water. They have a dock, where some members take rowboats, and relax on the water. It is smaller then alot of other Guilds, however, it is still beautifully furninshed, with a dining area set off from the main room. The Building looks like a modern, but gothic mansion. It was bought for them, by a mysterious backer of the Guild, known only by Saya. Even then, it is guarded by woods, with a central road leading to it.


Name Rank Status
Shiro Nightblade Guild Master Active
Mugetsu S-Class Mage Active
Feiz Maria S-Class Mage


Saya Komuro Mage/Founder Active
Kekkyu Mage Active
Kowai Toketsu Mage Active
Everett Fenn Mage Active
Cheryl Avery Mage Active

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