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"Ever since the worlds existed, leaks would always occur, it is the imperfect way of things. In order for balance to be kept, I ask that you four take the charge, to absorb the energy of my world and use it for creation of new items. A way for the Human and Celestial Spirits to co-exist in some way. You four will be the spirits of Humanity."
Celestial Spirit King tells the four original Cardinal Spirits.

"The Four Protectors "

The Four Cardinal Spirits
Kanji 東西魂
Romaji Tōzai Tamashī
Status Active
Founder(s) Four Original Cardinal Spirits
Headquarters Four Corners of The World
Member(s) Tyson Mystro(Master of North)
Doris Sonto(Mistress East)
Gunther Soto(Master of West)
Peach Lexina(Mistress of South)
Affiliation Celestial Spirit World
Hydra Head
Purpose To keep balance between the worlds by syphoning off the leaks of energy that comes every 5 years
 The Four Cardinal Spirits(東西魂 Tōzai Tamashī): Is an ancient group founded during the ancient days of Zeref's horrible rule. During their time, the four acted as the bridge of balance between both the Earthland and the Celestial Spirit World, absorbing any excess energy that ever leaked into the world and purposing it for various things. 


In the ancient times when the Demon Lord Zeref ruled the lands with his power, many thought that he would end the world as they knew it. However, as the years went by, people began to discover small pits of incredible amounts of energy welled in them. One day when a human attempted to absorb some of the incoming energy, a phenomenon occured as that human was somehow transported into the Celestial Spirit World where the human saw the wonders that it had to offer. After what seemed like days there, the human came into the presence of the Spirit King who welcomed him to his world. After explaining the situation to the King, he decided that the days the human spent in their world actually meant over three years had past, resulting in Zeref's reign to end with him being sealed. Though the king knew that the leaks would continue, he offered the man a proposal: If he would help him keep the energies from falling into enemy hands, the spirit king would grant him and three others, great power to wield.

Since that meeting, the descendants of the four humans chosen by the King were fated to drain the energy's of the Celestial Spirit wells every five years on order to bring balance to both worlds. 


Since the end of Zeref's reign, There have been four known pressure zones, special locations that are said to have the strongest leaks in the entire world. Each pressure zone can be found in the four corners of the world, one in the north, south, east, and west. In the seperate places, the region's that the pressure zones are found in are known for being very into the Celestial Spirits, always trying and researching about them and where they come from, but are not allowed to go anywhere near the pressure zones. 


Four Cardinal Spirits
North Mystro- Proto Form
Tyson Mystro(North)
Peach Lexina(South)
East Nexia
Doris Sonto(East)
West Dynasty
Gunther Soto(West)


  • The group is based off of the Four Symbols in the Chinese Constellations, each representing the direction of North, South, East, and West.