The Re-arranging

Michello smiled and clicked his fingers and he teleported away from the battlefield in a flash. "Huuuuuh???!!!" they all screamed in unison.

"He's gone!" said Shi-Shi. The ground started to shake and the building glowed yellow and it seperated into hundreds of yellow glowing bricks and the team were all floatings high above a huge golden yellow magic circle and they all rearranged into a different building and Michello's voice echoed througout the hallways"This is an ancient magic known as puzzle, it allows the caster to completely rearrange a building to their own desire.

When the Knights go marching

"Wait." said Seirei in a whisper. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!" screamed multiple voices in the hallway and multiple blue magic circles appear on the floor, walls and ceiling and multiple knights in blue armour come out of them. "Oh no the Rune Knights are here" said Seirei with a slight tonee of panic in his voice, "you two take care of them I'll get Michello".

The knights all said in unison "Stunning Circle" makings hundreds of blue magic circles appear around him almost trapping him before he ran away.

Shi-Shi screamed "Ribbon: Spear" creating a pink magic circle in front of her hand and she shoots out a long ribbon at high-speeds blasting some of the knights back as more attack. "Annihilate" Sora screamed as four balls of pink energy shoot in front of her, she then creates a pink magic circle in front of her staff and then fires a huge blast of concussive pink energy blasting even more back. They then ran to help Seirei.

The Beginning of the End

Seirei finally caught up to Michello and said "Re-Quip: Air Key!" and he creates a white magic circle in his hand summoning a white key. He turns his key in mid-air and shouts "Moderate Gale!" releasing a blast of wind at Michello pinning him against the wall and then shouts "Fresh Gale!" while turning the key releasing a small tornado from a white magic circle in front of the key and then turns his key creating a white magic circle and shouting "Full Gale!" releasing multiple wind scythes at Michello but he gets down from the wall and extends his tail around his body and contracts it quickly firing back all of the wind scythes.

To be Continued ......

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