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The Tripedal (三本足 Sanhonashi) is the most powerful of all the Dark Unorthodox Guilds. It is actually organized less like a guild and more like a large rebellious gathering. With the master's, Phaios Noctua's, ability to extend the life of his subordinates by moving their souls from one body to another, and his knowledge to teach to teach the members unconventional magic, or unconventional ways to learn or strengthen magic, the guild is comprised of about 1000 members in total.


The main goal of the Tripedal is to put the world's magic power in the hands of Unorthodox Mages. It initially appeared as though the Tripedal were working to benefit all Unorthodox Mages, and in the sudden misunderstanding of this, several Phoenix Fireheart members rejoiced, believing that all Unorthodox Mages would have enough power to live peacefully with the rest of the world. However, it was just a spontaneous reaction which strayed from the fact that the Tripedal plan on putting all of the world's magic power in the hands of the Unorthodox by instilling fear into the world and destroying the Magic Council, the Rune Knights, and all the local guilds.


The Tripedal, as previously stated, is the strongest of all Unorthodox threats. It is clear that one of its greatest advantages is its strength in numbers, which is 10 times the amount of mages in the Fairy Tail Guild. However, Phaios sees his members as expendible, which is a testament to the fact that there are members whose power are vastly superior to the Tripedal mages below them. The advance on that, it only took three members of the Tripedal to destroy the town of Foglia in Fiore. Which can imply that the entire Tripedal guild would have enough strength and power to destroy all of Fiore without even using a quarter of its total number of members. Despite this power, members of the Tripedal have stated that the Unorthodox Guild, Phoenix Fireheart, would pose a threat to their overall goal.


The Tripedal has apparently existed for more than 100 years. There has only been one master, Phaios Noctua. The goal has remained unchanged over its century of existence, which has been to instill fear and give power to the Unorthodox Mages. Apparently this has been success in creating fear as its been said that the formation of the Tripedal appeared like a rebellion and thus created a large amount of suspense to the citizens of the country. However, the fear that they initially created has only made the Unorthodox reputation worse since that time.


  • The "tripedal" or "three-legged crow" is a mythical creature said to both inhabit and represent the Sun.
  • In Japan it is called Yatagarasu and its appearance is evident of the will of Heaven and divine intervention in human affairs.

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