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Though projection
Thought Projection



Caster Magic


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Caamien Levaro

Thought Projection (思念体 Shinentai) is a type of Caster Magic.


An illusion type of Magic in which the user creates fake bodies of humans by separating his maximum supply of Magic.


Copy of yourself

It allows the user to create a translucent copy of his/her body. The thought projection can travel great distance apart from it's caster and still transfer information between themselves. Even though thought projections aren't really physical beings, they can still interact with physical objects. Once the thought projection reunites with it's caster, the caster's Magical power returns to normal.

Multiple copies

It allows the user to create many different people. Not only can this thought projections live and think on they own, they also have their own emotions, personalities and can take a physical form and do actual life-like actions. A great amount of Magic power is needed to do this.

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