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Thunder Pulse Magic



Raimei Myaku Mahō


Caster Magic


Thor Lucian

Thunder Pulse Magic (雷鳴脈魔法 Raimei Myaku Mahō) is a high level caster magic developed and utilised by the legendary Lightning Mage, Thor Lucian.


Thunder Pulse Magic is a brand of magic that spins off from traditional Lightning Magic. By sending out magical emissions into the air, Thor is capable of collecting a large amount of ambient sound into a single point before using hand gestures to send it off at massive speeds, causing immense blunt trauma and possibly deafening thanks to the amount of power they possess.

The magic may be manipulated into a number of ways, simply by altering the shape and output of power in every single spell, it can cause a specific effect to occur. In-fact, many call it an upgraded and easier to learn Shockwave Magic thanks to this.


Thor's Spells

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