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Mirio Tachibana was watching the birds at a nest. They were feeding the cubs with some bugs, and the little birds were so hysterical that one of them fell from the tree and died. He wasn't affected by that... It's just a poor life, but is a law. Life and death. His philosophy...

So he stood up and stretched his body. The view of the sun was beauty but ins't big enough to conquer the heart of the mage *You need something more powerful, nature!* the steps started to became noisy, and he lose the motivation to walk again. Mirio was so rude and troubled this morning, just wanting to be alone.

The scientist walked near a lonely person, it was depressed, but Mirio was aloof, but like a good man in white lab coat, he is curious, and asked - What happens to you, emotionally vulnerable individual? You lost your dignity, or something of the genre? - he looked to the face of the subject at the park.

The girl, sadly, look to Mirio and cried a lot, lying at the green grass - Who are you, man? - her voice was so sweet, but so deep - Mammy called you to take me, right? - she was trying to hide her left arm. - Please, leave me alone!

Mirio watched her, curious - I'm Mirio Tachibana... And no, I'm here 'cause I want! I don't know yout mother. - he sit near her and looked into the girl's eyes - Let me see this! - Mirio extend his arm to view hers. The girl crawl away. Her face was of fear - I know what I'm doing, and I know that you have problems... I'm not dumb, I'm a scientist! - he ignores her, grab Ara's key and called it - Summons the Altar, Ara.- so a purple skinned woman, dressed in black and long clothes appeared in front of the girl.

She look, aloof, and started to laught - Are you a sweet heart, Mirio? Hahaha! - she tried to find something to sit - I'm tired... I want a trone! - Mirio faced her, and ironically snorted.

-No... I just want you to heal her arm, Ara. She can't even hide that, is so evident! - he said.

-Sooooo sweetie! - Ara crouched and put her nails into the girls left shoulder - Scream loud, little b...boy! If you are a girl, CRY! - the tipical method, and then she started to scream as never seen before, and her arm beguns normal.

-Thanks for nothing... Ara, the Altar. - Mirio made the woman disappear in the air, but the child was scared - Let's walk!

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