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Todoroki was raised like any other child with a large wealthy family. He learned his manners though they were drilled into his head by his mother and he learned how to do business from his father though they didn't rush him, letting him enjoy his baby years and childhood. During his childhood he gained a spinning top that he decided to name leone because it had the picture of a lion on it.

He began to learn magic around the time he was 13 deciding to start with wind magic seeing as he came from a family of wind mages. While he was still learning, his family decided to take a trip to the mountains for a vacation. During the trip, believe it or not Todoroki lost his family in the mountain range. Todoroki though being lucky was found by a traveling pride of lions who decided to teach him their form of wind magic.

The training was hard as he would fight the lions almost everyday but after two years and learning everything he could from them, Todoroki decided it was time to head home after saying goodbye to his substitute family.When he got home his family welcomed him back with open arms while his mother cried since they had long assumed that he had died at in the mountains. After telling them that he learned his own form of wind magic and sword magic from the lions, they congratulated him for gaining a new type of abilities. During his time he met his two future partners Akuma and Suima.

He met Suima during his travels through the desert seeing that the boy was all alone he asked to be his friend and if Suima wanted to join his family. The orange headed boy accepted and they have been friends ever since. Now when he met Akuma, they actually started out as enemies because of Akuma's hate for people and Todoroki's dislike for arrogant people. They broke out into a fight though Todoroki found out just how powerful Akuma was as it took both him and Suima to defeat the dark magic user. They eventually became friends that respected each other for their power and Akuma also joined the Windtail Family.

Todoroki later joined the guild Volcano Core after leaving his family to explore the world with his two best friends. They have become pretty popular, going by the name Team Wildfang.