At the beginning he was very cocky, ignorant, and arrogant and was spoiled from being raised by a rich family. Todoroki always focuses on the battle and doesn't hesitate when attacking his opponent. He doesn't back down from challenges and has a strong concept of honor as a Mage. He gives his all during a battle and expects other Mages to do the same.

After being trained by lions he is a lot more appreciative of the things he has. He also becomes more mature and wiser. He is best friends with Suima and Akuma, but he and the dragon slayer refer to it as a rivalry. He is friendlier and talks a lot more than he does before his disappearance. Now he is known to be one of the more serious characters in the Windtail Family compared to the way he was before. He is a very determined person and will go to great lengths to fulfill his determination. Todoroki is one of the strongest mages in his family.



Chikara Windtail

Sora Windtail


Suima Sandstorm

Akuma Hawknight