Topor Rottura
Topor Rottura is one of the current members of the Nine, who rule over the Heiwa. Topor is also in charge of executing criminals and or enemies of the Heiwa.


Contrary to his large and imposing stature and occupation as executioner, Topor is a kind and calm individual and is never one to act rashly. Topor is extremly loyal to his fellows and will do anything to protect them.

Magic and Abilities

Divinity Master: As a member of the Nine Topor is a powerful user of Divinity. Topor's form is known as 'Behemoth Mountain' and it allows Topor to take large amounts of rock and minerals from the earth and use them to create a large rock armor around himself that towers over all. Once the armor has formed Topor is able to freely manipulate it, easily regenerating it or manipulating its limbs into all kinds of weapons.

Crash Magic: Topor, like Gildarts is also able to utilize Crash Magic. Unlike Gildarts whose absent-mindedness causes his magic to activate randomly, Topor's focus allows him to freely control it.

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