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The Training Arc is a minor arc in the RP Storyline Tales of a New Generation and is consisted of one chapter. This chapter showcases the training that SENSHI goes through with Layla Magia and Yotsuki, their instructors.


After the fateful night Richard, Azuki, Drake are left with a choice by Covert Special Task Force leader, Yotsuki. This choice was either, stay at school and be "boring" with no challenges, or join the elite squad Yotsuki wished to create, named SENSHI. Drake, Azuki, and Richard decided to join this organisation, and when they accepted, they had found that Jin and Elbert were also in this team. Although each member didn't necessarily talk to each other at all, this changed when instructor Layla Magia arrives. Challenges increased as the necessity of working together dawns upon them as dawn upon dusk. What shall be the result of SENSHI, when the final test comes?


Main Characters

Supporting Characters


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