Thr Beginning of the End....For Michello

Shi-Shi put her hand behind her back, creating a magic circle and whispers "Ribbon: Crawler" releasing a pink ribbon from it digging under ground and travelling to under Seirei and wrapping around his torso and shooting out and putting him to the side oif the battlefield.

Sora yelled "Magical Panels," creationg four magic circles in the shape of a triangle with one in the middle and she stands on it like a piece of earth and flies toward Michello and creates a pink magic circle in front of her staff and says "Energy Bullets, " firing multiple pink energy spheres at Michello but he blocked them by extending his tail around this body blocking them in all directions.

Shi-Shi creates magic circles all around the ground near Michello and yells "Ribbon: Knuckle" causing multiple pink ribbons shoot up in the shape of fists punching him sending him flying. He shouted "Nya Shot" which makes a yellow magic circle in front of his mouth releasing a loud meow smashing Sora's panels and sending them flying.

Michello Shouted "Stripes Torture" making a magic circle appear before his hand and it fires long black stripes which attach to Sora in the manor similar to his shirt and they constrict even further round her body causing her extreme pain defeating her

Shi-Shi takes the Stand

"That's it you're gonna get it !!!" Shi-Shi screamed pratically crying. "Ribbon: Whip" which stretches her hair ribbon dramatically while it rapidly lashes Michello. Michello the rapidly ran at Shi-Shi when she cast another spell called Ribbon: Wall which made hundereds of ribbons shoot out of the ground and form a dome around Shi-Shi protecting her from Michello and then he bounced off it.

She creates a magic circle in front of her hand and says "Ribbon: Bind" shooting ribbons out of it binding Michello with pink ribbons. She then creates a smaller magic circle in front of her mouth and says "Ribbon: Tongue" releasing a long ribbon which appears similar to a tongue and lashes Michello back with it and he broke free of his bindings.

"Ribbon: Forest" Shi-Shi screamed causing hundreds of rose cloured ribbons to shoot up from the ground resembling a forest and Michello was bound in the air unable to move and she recited "Ribbon: Frenzy" causing hundreds of pink magic circles to appear around Michello and multiple ribbons shoot out of them finally defeating Michello.

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