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Tsuki Soza








Raiz Shop

Former Affiliation(s)

Lamia Scale

Magic Council Rune Knights


Employee of the Raiz Shop, Mage(former), Rune Knight(former)


Wood Magic, Wood-Make, various others

Base of Operations

Raiz Shop

Martial Status


Tsuki Soza is a friend of Lloyd Raiz and currently lives at the Raiz Shop. She works half time out of the Raiz Shop. She is a very famous mage, despite having retired is still very well known.


Tsuki carries the appearance of a young woman despite being 33 with barely pale skin, dyed purple hair tied in a spiky bun, and crimson red eyes. She wears an open, light purple kimono with dark purple pants. A pinkish sash is tied around her waist. She also wears purple fingerless gloves.


She is rather easy-going and light-hearted, finding an enjoyment for playing jokes and causing trouble. She has a pretty good sense of humor, and knows when it is applied and when to apply it. Through this humorous personality, she is able to display her concern and caring for others in need, especially her own family members. She is rather devious, and will often exploit and twist a person's words directed towards her just for amusement. It is remarked that she is rarely known to be angry, in truth she is simply good at holding her temper. However, in the event that she does become angry, she can become quite ruthless. As when Enzo Cristo and Nayla Josi fight, she often breaks up the fights angrily.


Magic and Abilities


  • Her favorite meal is spaghetti.

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