Hello individuals of the wiki.  It is I, your friendly neighborhood BDS.  Some of you might remember my group back in the day, called the Cardinals, the most powerful generals of Othrys.  Well, since one of the users became inactive, two stopped using their's (one even getting their page deleted), and the last one actually died, as well as a new king having taken over Othrys (which has expanded to encompass the entire nation of Caelum, I figured it would be a good time to revamp the Cardinals with new members and, like last time, am reaching out into the community for interest.

Previously I recommended, and almost forced, individuals to follow specific elemental themes for their Cardinals.  I will not be doing that this time.  I also ranked the Cardinals based on strength.  That is another thing I will not be doing.  If you wish to make a Cardinal, you are not allowed to reference strength in comparison to the other Cardinals unless you're given permission by other users to list feats or strength levels in comparison to the others.  For Magic Power sections, you are allowed to state they're strong enough to become one of the four Cardinals of Othrys, one the four strongest Mages in Caelum, but nothing more.

If you wish to submit a character for review, there are a few guidelines that you must follow.  State which cardinal direction you would wish to use.  The four Cardinals correspond to each cardinal direction on a compass, with that being the territory of Caelum they patrol.  The Northern Cardinal position is currently taken by my character Jaco, so there are currently three positions left, Southern, Eastern, and Western.  A Cardinal must also be intelligent and strong.  They're supposed to act as advisors to the king as well, so of course they would need to be smart.  Despite being strong being an obvious requirement, do not make them OP.  Any OP characters will not be permitted to join the Cardinals.  Before submitting for review, the character must have a completed introduction and personality section, and at least the basic portion of their magic and abilities.  To submit a character, link them to me on this blog post, my talk page, or some other way you know how to contact me.

I think that's all for now.  If you have any further questions, let me know and I'll be happy to answer them.

EDIT: Anyone who is accepted into the organiztion will get to create their own personalized army (i.e. Jaco's Legion Under the Black Sun.

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