QOS - Crashing Wave - Wanted Poster

In case you weren't flagged by the title or that monstrosity of a propaganda poster (don't worry, I've got more), I'm looking for people to join my guild Crashing Wave!

The page is still under construction (and has been for over a year), though hopefully, I will be picking up steam soon on getting it all set and working on my characters and some events and arcs with it!

Why should you join?

We've got interesting members! Cool users! A really snarky guild ace! A somewhat illegal event hosted by said snarky guild ace (and former master)! DID I MENTION INTERESTING MEMBERS?!

Also, we've got a location that I'm really fucking proud of writing. Seaside castle/beach house is A+++

Anyways, point is, I'm shaping up to go into high gear on this guild and I would love to get some more people interested so that we could do some pretty sweet events!

Please leave a comment on the guild page, my talk page or on here if you're interested in making a character. We've also got a chat on discord where other information, updates and just general connection with other users can be found!

~Liza(Queen of Swords and Stars)