So I made it to 1,000 edits.... when I should be sleeping or studying lol

I wanna thank Guy, Liza, Nearó, Gorky, Jon, Comic, Door and the many people who have helped me out like Bounty, Lady, Aru, Per, Ash. I can be here all day naming off pretty much everyone from this site because you have all been there for me. 

1,000 edits don't seem much, why, cause I look around I see people will loads and loads of edits and a lot better articles than me for sure. I enjoy the pleasure of writing, ever since I was young, to find a place where I can share my stories and it's been great fun.

Sorry for getting mushy but I feel like it was needed to thank the many wonderful people there is here!

To 10,000 and more haha

The Trump Card Queen, Sakky is here!DancingSakky 23:51, May 6, 2017 (UTC)

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