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Shinku Kuina
Vaccuum Magic





Sierra Hakushoku

Vacuum Magic (真空魔法 Shinkū Mahō) is a specialised Caster Type Magic unique to Sierra Hakushoku alone. With this magic, she has the ability to absorb incoming magical energy from magical attacks, allowing her to store it in her body until the "capacity" of it is at it's limit, allowing it to be released into several different condensed shapes of energy which are able to have defensive and offensive purposes. The main limitation of this magic is that it cannot absorb the entirety of an attack; it can only absorb the external magical energy radiating from the attack. Although this serves to weaken the attack, it does not completely absorb it.


Sierra's Spells

  • Shinkū: Keibatsu (真空:刑罰 Vacuum: Judgement): Is a spell which allows Sierra to absorb the external radiating magic of any magical attack, absorb it into her body and combine it with her own magic. At which she will release it into several varying spheres of energy which she can bombard on her enemy, much like artillery.
  • Shinkū: Sugumichi (真空:直路 Vacuum: Straight Road): Is a spell in which Sierra absorbs the external radiating magic of any attack, shaping it into a condensed beam of energy which she attacks an opponent with, using her fingers as the catalyst for the beam.

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