The One Wrapped in Emotion
Name Valliere Kojibiashi
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Race Human
Birthday August 2nd
Age 14
Gender Female
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Eyes Pink
Hair Pink
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Professional Status
Affiliation Kojibiashi Family
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Occupation Wandering Mage
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Team Haru's Group of Wandering Mages
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Alias The One Wrapped in Emotions
Magic Ribbon Magic, Emotion Fairies

Valliere is a wandering mage and the sister of Hana and Haru Kojibiashi. She is also a part of Haru's group of wandering mages.


Valliere has pink hair just like her sisters and mother and pink eyes. She wears a whites blouse with a golden pendent with a pentagram on it around her collar. She also wears a long black skirt and cape with flat shoes. She also bears some resemblance to her sisters in the fact that they all have pink hair.


She has a quiet personality but likes to have her say in the group's disscussions. She likes to brush Hana's hair but also likes to help her mother clean the house. She also likes her mother to teach her how to further control her ribbon magic.


Searching for the Flower, The Power of Valliere

Magic and Abilities

She is a very capable mage who is able to handle any opponent she is chosen to fight.

Ribbon Magic : She is a very powerful user of ribbon magic and she can conjure them from thin air or even turn any object she wishes into ribbons. She is also described as being 'an opponent who can keep multiple enemies at bay.'

Emotion Fairies : She can summon small fairy like creatures that can project emotions as magical attacks. They can detect emotions and project Valliere's emotions as corporeal attaqcks like anger can set the entire field on fire. The faiies can also give Valliere wings to fly.


  • Her name and appearance is based on Louise Valliere From Zero no Tsukaima.