"Endlessly judging you."

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"Y'know, I think most of you forget, but reflecting's quite important in our daily lives. Without reflecting on our deeds, actions, and words, we will never progress as people. After all, the majority of our technology and magical successes came from reflecting on past successes. My point? Don't dwell on the past and lament at your previous failures. Move on. We have a new commander and a new motive - we can't go wrong."
— Vayne being inducted as the Overseer of Operations for the Legendary Artifact Navigation Department

"To reflect upon the world's cruelty."
Vayne Orwell
Name Vayne Orwell
Kanji バーイン=オルウェル
Rōmaji Bāin Oruweru
Alias Reflection of Vanity (虚偽の反射, Kyogi no Hansha)
Race Human
Birthdate May 3, X764
Age 30

Male Male

Height 180cm
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Blond
Blood Type B
Unusual Features Distinctive Grin
Professional Status
Affiliation Magic Council Symbol Magic Council
Legendary Artifact Navigation Department
Occupation 6th Seat of the Council of Ten
Overseer of Operations for L.A.N.D
Team Council of Ten
Partner Melinda Bookman
Base of Operations Era
Personal Status
Status Active
Marital Status Widowed
Relatives Unnamed Wife(Deceased)
Magic Reflector
Weapons Unnamed Katana

Vayne Orwell (バーイン=オルウェル, Bāin Oruweru) is currently the 6th Seat of the Council of Ten among the Magic Council. Due to his position and expertise within magical equipment, Vayne also possesses the role of the Overseer of Operations within the Legendary Artifacts Navigation Department, otherwise known as L.A.N.D, and is the direct superior of Melinda Bookman. Known primarily for his mastery over Reflector and his position as an unorthodox Esoterologist, he is regarded as the Reflection of Vanity (虚偽の反射, Kyogi no Hansha).



Vayne's General Appearance.



Vayne's cocky nature, even while injured.




Magic and Abilities


Behind the Scenes

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