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Vestige of Legends is an original storyline created by Shiyugotenshi. The story revolves around characters who have not appeared in the Fairy Tail anime or manga. It gives new ideas to the meaning of "Dark Guilds" or "Dark Mages" as the history behind Unorthodox Mages and the Deva race unfold through Atrax Noctua's, the protagonist's, adventures. This storyline may reference parts of the actual Fairy Tail manga or anime and involve Canon Characters, but is not a prediction of future events.

"This world appears united. Everyone is carefree, unaware that the past is about to cast its shadow on the world again, and the only ones that can stop it are the ones they despise so much. What dissonance..."
— Atrax Noctua


The Kingdom of Fiore and the world around it seem to hold peace while in consistency with the useful, yet potentially dangerous magic that exists all around. This goes for the widely vast majority. However, for the few, the world still holds scars from a dark past involving the infamous race of mages known as the "Deva" who created mages who are immediately labeled as "spawns of demons." These "Unorthodox Mages" are the few, and their constant rejection from society, their egregious reputation, and the Magic Council's desire to capture them leads them to find peace in isolation. However, there are those Unorthodox who wish to stomp on the world's peace for the sake of vengeance. The conditions between the Dark Unorthodox and the Magic countries are about to erupt with intensity, leading the Atrax, and the other Unorthodox Mages to stop the outbreak and save the very people who reject them.



Coming of Tripedal Arc


  • Chapter Four, "The Griffin, Atrax" is the first chapter of Vestige of Legends where the author, Shiyugotenshi, designed the chapter cover page.
  • It is also the first chapter with Canon Characters.

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