Wood Magic
Wood Magic



Ki no Mahō


Caster Magic


Alan Wolf
Beatriz Montoya
Ken Ryōen
Kiyomi Yagami
Lex Bullhorn
Tsuki Soza
Geiger Strum

Wood Magic (木の魔法 Ki no Mahō) is a Caster Type Magic utilized by several mages and the Celestial Spirit: Carina.


This magic gives the caster dominion over the element of wood in forms such as turning their own body into wood, manipulating the wood of trees or manipulating a wooden weapon such as a bō staff; as shown by Ken. Highly skilled users can even create newborn or fully grown trees with little to no effort at all.


Beatriz's Spells

  • Wooden Coffin (木製の棺 Mokusei no Kan): She makes pillars of wood shoot from the ground and trap the foe in a cone shaped pison where only their heads are visible. It is then used for a basis for her flower magic.

Carina's Spells

  • Wood Lastima (同情の木 Dōjō no Ki): Carina creates several large, wooden spikes from the earth which pierce the target.
  • Wood Love (愛の木i Ai no Ki): Carina forms large, thorned vines made of wood to entangle the enemy
  • Marital Propose (夫婦の提案 Fūfu no Teian): Carina creates pillars of wood from the ground that form multiple walls in a straight line, blocking incoming attacks or hitting some close targets.

Ken's Spells

  • Wood Arms (木製の武器 Mokusei no Buki): Ken forms the wood on a tree into a large arm which can be used to reach high fruit on the tree. It probably has offensive capabilities as well.

Similar Magic


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