X is a member of a mysterious group of mages searching for what they call 'ultimate power'.


As a child X was very introverted and had no friends. So, he instead found comfort in knowledge, and spent most of his life studying magical texts and practicing his magic skills. Eventually, X found in his studies mention of an 'ultimate power', and set out to find it. In his travels to find it he met a group of other mages looking for the same power and decided to join with them to help search.


Despite X's playful and carefree exterior, he is actually highly analytical. He can expertly exploit flaws in his opponent's attacks, defeating them quickly and efficiently.

Magic and Abilities

X has devoted his life to collecting knowledge on various magical abilities, and has mastered many different abilities:

  • Solid Script: X is skilled in the usage of both Orient and original Solid Script.
    • Solid Script: Fire (固体文字 炎 Soriddo Sukuriputo Faia): X writes "Fire" on air and words begins to burn. X can then throw the individual letters at an opponent which then damages them as if an actual ball of fire was thrown at them.
    • Solid Script: Silent (固体文字 靜寂 Soriddo Sukuriputo Sairento): Levy writes "Silent" on air and throw it to her enemy. This word can be used to cancel sound based attacks.
    • Oriental Solid Script: Kan (貫 かん): This word creates a beam of energy, which pierces his opponent.
    • Oriental Solid Script: Bō(防ぼう): This word creates a strong defensive wall in the form of a kanji
  • Unknown Maker Magic: Through X's intense studying he discovered a way to create his own form of matter, which he is able to manipulate the properties.
    • Wings: X manipulates his matter into a set of stick-like wings, which due to his matter's abilty to negate gravity's effect on him. allow him to fly.
    • Prison: X surronds his opponent's body with a soft form of his matter which he then hardens to form an almost inescapable prison.

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