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Yamato Saiga (山本砕我, Saiga Yamato) (lit. Ancient Japan's Killer Fang) is a Mage of the Sabertooth Guild and is partnered with Cassandra Malik. He is the main protagonist for my series: Sabertooth: Untold Story. He is known throughout the guild and Fiore as the Sabertooth's Killer Fang (砕我の剣咬の虎, Saiga no Seibaa Tuusu) for his triumphant feats against many Dark Guilds.


Yamato is a 12 year old boy of average height and an athletic build. He has amber eyes and a rounded, completely bald head. Above his eyes he has to, transparent, golden coloured visors which look like eyebrows. He wears aa white sleeveless shirt and a black hakama tied at the waist with a white obi. This gives him the appearance of a monk.




Magic and Abilities


Major Battles


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