Yomi Ikisatashi
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Cyclonia/Royal Guard


Babylon: Shadow Blade

Yomi Ikisatashi

Yomi is a devious and cunning individual who is a powerful member of the Royal Guard.


He has pale blonde hair which points to the front and dark eyes and wears a black coat which splits at the sides with huge red and gold markings on it and wears two shoulder blades which are the same design and colours. He also wears silver armoured leg boots and carries two black metal blades.


He is a very mysterious person who only shows his true colours in battle where he is calm and collected yet savage and ferocious and will always help a child in need

Magic and Abilities

Babylon: Shadow Blade: he can manipulate darkness through his two spinning swords like powering them up with darkness energy and fire darkness pods from them and create shadow scythes etc.

  • Boomerang Cutter: he merges his blade with darkness and throws them as they spin in the air and they can cut through anything.
  • Storming Spheres: he spins one of his blades and fires multiple spheres of purple darkness energy at the foe from the centre of it in rapid succession that can blast holes in solid rock.
  • Tornado: he spins one of his blades creating a purple tornado that can crush anything it hits.
  • Dark Scythe: he waves his swords releasing multiple black darkness scythes.

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