Zeroth Set Form 1
Zeroth Set-Form 1: Chain of Binded Souls



Rei-Setto--Sho Ichi: Kakete Oita Tamashī no Kusari

Parent Magic

Zeroth Set Magic

Parent Item

Chained Blade


Ryu Zangeki

Big Coral (零-セット-書いち:かけておいた魂の鎖, Rei-Setto--Sho Ichi: Kakete Oita Tamashī no Kusari) is a Zeroth Set Magic Spell.


This is his first and primary form that he uses against strong opponents. It requips a powerful, wide sickle like blade with a long black chain attached to it. This can let the blade be used as a sword as well as a blade-whip. He gains greater strength and speed in this form, but he also has a wide attack range, due to the chain as well as the sickle like shape of the blade.

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